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Choose your experience...

Everyone has different priorities, life circumstances and ambitions. In some cases, finding the perfect teacher or designing the perfect concert can be overwhelming... But I can promise you with the utmost confidence that I can give you the best and quickest answer to your needs. Below you can choose what suits you best. 


Are you planning to take your first steps in music? Starting a new hobby requires courage and strength. I will accompany you on your pianistic path and show you how you can achieve small goals and great success with your passion. 

From 40€


Are you planning a special event and can't do without a live piano performance? My carefully selected bouquet of pieces will offer you the best of both worlds: virtuosity for your eyes and lovely melodies for your heart. 

Only on request


It's 1:00 am and you suddenly want to play that one song that's floating around in your head? Are all the piano teachers asleep already? Maybe I have something for you...

How about a recorded master class, a step-by-step guide on how to learn the basics of playing the piano?! 

Hold tight. Coming soon... 

From 120€

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