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Hi. I´m Elöd 

A passionate concert pianist who can't rest a day without playing. I love expressing my feelings through music and captivating my listeners. 

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Choose your experience...


Are you planning a special event and can't do without a live piano performance? My carefully selected bouquet of tracks will offer you the best of both worlds: virtuosity for your eyes and lovely melodies for your heart. 

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Are you planning to take your first steps in music? Starting a new hobby requires courage and strength. I will accompany you on your pianistic path and show you how you can achieve small goals and great success with your passion. 


It's 1:00 am and you suddenly want to play that one song that's floating around in your head? Are all the piano teachers asleep yet? Maybe I have something...

How about a recorded master class, a step-by-step guide on how to learn the basics of playing the piano?! 

Hold tight. Coming soon... 

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The Beginnings 

I was already drawn to music at a young age. Singing, clapping and improvised music-making were my first musical steps. A toy piano that was once in my hands at Christmas was tried out to the smallest detail. The dream of devoting my life to music became more and more real as time went by. 

Die Anfänge
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